About Us


Metal Fabrication ABQ is manned by a complete complement of competent designers, architects, draftsmen, and highly skilled craftsmen, working together as a group to offer fabrication products of the most demanding standards required by the market. Metal Fabrication ABQ’s engineering and staff boast of over a decade of expertise as among the top metal fabrication companies in the nation. Specialization in metal fabrication is supported by contemporary high technology training here and abroad. In-house education programs are now being done constantly, with the assistance of machinery and equipment suppliers. This can help the staff keep abreast of the newest in fabrication technologies and strategies.

Metal Fabrication ABQ is proud to be one of the most diversified specialty metal fabricating organization in the United States. We’re focused on the production of good quality custom metal fabrication with on-time delivery fitting and always surpasses our customer’s satisfaction. We’ve successfully completed a huge number of custom projects in more than ten years of business. Please call Metal Fabrication ABQ for a quote on a new custom fabrication project. We look ahead to building lasting relationships with excellent service, fair pricing, and reliable workmanship.

There’s nothing like the workmanship and attractiveness of handcrafted metalwork. Whether you’re making something for a purely functional purpose or not, custom metal fabrication work stands out. Nevertheless, the real difference is all about more than aesthetics. Metal Fabrication ABQ’s combination of expertise, training, and latest machinery guarantees the reliability of the fabrication and also enables you to anticipate just what product type you’ll get.