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Metal Fabrication ABQ continues to be a leader in Albuquerque metal fabrication products for more than a decade already. We work with organizations across a range of industries in order to create high-quality custom metal products and to have your development cycle on the right track.

Producing a custom metal part in a certain desired shape requires particular fabrication equipment. We utilize a selection of resources for metal fabrication Albuquerque like a laser cutting machine, CNC machine, or water jetting machine. At Metal Fabrication ABQ, we have the experience, machinery, and materials to manage any custom metal fabrication Albuquerque project.

Many products depend on completely ready off-the-shelf components. On the other hand, when developing a custom fabricated product, building components and custom components provide numerous unique advantages. First, they are produced with top-quality equipment, utilize best materials and alloys, and are created by competent engineers who give consideration to detail. Dealing with a custom fabrication shop ensures your components are designed especially for the application. We have facilities that feature modern machining and fabricating equipment. Welders, millers, along with CNC machines, are only a couple of examples.

In addition to the newest tools, you get the very best materials. If you are unsure of the best metal or maybe alloy to work with on your project, our team has got the experience to assist you with your selection. We know the differences between alloys and the way they’re affected by different applications and environments.

We know the need to maintain your production line moving. Communicate with us for customized fabricated areas with a shorter turnaround than smaller operations.

Albuquerque Metal Fabrication

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The Metal Fabrication ABQ has the ability to form metal in several ways.

Stamping – Stamping is whenever a metal sheet is struck with a die at intense pressure to make a certain shape. Punching is a kind of stamping that employs a press to make a die into the metal. This could develop a hole, embossing, many holes, and several other shapes in the metal. This may be carried out on sheet metal and then rolled materials.

Hot Extrusion – Hot extrusion is the procedure of forcing metal by way of a die to make a cross-sectional profile. This particular extrusion process is completed at high temperatures.

Welding – Welding happens when two pieces of metal are joined together utilizing fusion. Various kinds of welding include inert tungsten gas, oxyacetylene, shield metal arc, and gasoline metal arc welding. Welding is completed at a very high temperature and also requires a filler metal material. Welding can entail a chemical flame, pressure, electricity, or even lasers to get the heater necessary to join the metals.

Folding or Bending – This involves force being put on the metal material to modify its shape. The metal is bent manually by using a hammer and hydraulically with press brakes.

Laser Cutting – This uses programmable laser cutters to cut numerous metals, but the thickness of the metal, which may be cut, is limited. This process can additionally be costly as a result of the amount of electricity needed.

Water-jetting – This works as a substitute for laser cutting. It relies on a thin jet of water actually being shot away at almost 90,000 PSI. Water jetting is more efficient at cutting heavy metals than lasers.

Metal Spinning or Spin Forming – This is a method that shapes metal through spinning. This particular procedure begins with a sheet of metal in a tube or disc form of metal. The item will be formed by a CNC lathe rotating at an intense speed. High pressure is then exerted on the material to form it into a certain design.

Finishing – This is the last stage in the Albuquerque metal fabrication process. When a metal piece is finished, it can subsequently be sandblasted, painted, anodized or powder-coated.