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Metal Fabrication ABQ provides clients with a one-stop-shop, supporting them in the style of their products through sheet metal fabrication Albuquerque and completing everything to a high-quality standard. With our newest investments, we are able to remain ahead of our competitors and also supply quality work at a competitive price. Our state of the art factory in Albuquerque offers outstanding quality subcontract precision engineering, such as CNC Folding, Laser Profiling and cutting, CNC Punching, Powder Coating, Welding, Assembly Inserting & Stud Welding, and Prototype Design. We use metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.

We’re a recognized sheet metal business based in Albuquerque with more than ten years of experience in the market. We have a longstanding team of in-house experienced steel fabrication experts and sheet metal engineers. Metal Fabrication ABQ is equally pleased to cater to small businesses or multi-nationals. We have a comprehensive existing customer base of prestigious businesses. Whether you need small batches, larger production, or prototypes run, we can offer a flexible and rapid service to meet your precise needs.

Based in Albuquerque, we provide a flexible turnaround on every sheet metal fabrication Albuquerque and will offer an extensive service from design to installation. We have a wider variety of services compared to many organizations in the industry and also perform major work. We use the newest technologies and machinery to produce your items, and also our sheet metal engineers have practical experience in all elements of sheet metal work like rolling welding, cutting, ductwork, folding, and design. If you have any queries concerning sheet metal services and steel fabrication, or perhaps want additional info, please don’t be reluctant to communicate with us.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Albuquerque

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Sheet metal fabrication Albuquerque is the procedure of forming components from a metal sheet. 3D CAD files are changed into machine code, which regulates a machine to precisely cut and creates the sheets to the final part. Usual forming tools are punches, brakes, and dies that can create angular features and bends. Installing inserts like PEM inserts is a regular practice together with welding and also finishing services. Sheet metal Albuquerque components are recognized for their longevity, making them ideal for end uses, like chassis. Components used for lower volume prototypes and also excessive volume production runs are very economical due to the big first setup, as well as material costs. Our custom sheet metal Albuquerque products provide an on-demand and cost-effective solution for your manufacturing needs. Albuquerque sheet metal fabrication services vary from low volume prototype to high volume production runs with substantial cost savings. Among the advantages of sheet metal Albuquerque are:

Durability – Like CNC machining, sheet metal processes produce extremely long-lasting parts well suited for equally purposeful prototypes and end-use production.

Scalability – Most sheet metal parts are designed on-demand along with lower setup costs when compared with CNC Machining. Based on your requirements, purchase as little as one prototype up to 10,000 production parts.

Components Selection – Select from a bunch of sheet metals across a broad range of strength, weight, conductivity, and corrosion resistance.

Tailor Finishes – Choose from a selection of finishes, including powder coating, plating, anodizing, and painting.

Fast Turnaround – Incorporating the most recent cutting, punching, and bending with automated technologies, Metal Fabrication ABQ offers immediate sheet quotes and also completed components in as fast as 12 business days.